Leo, age 7, was struggling with anxiety and worries all the time. Leo's mom wanted to be able to support him, and contacted HugglePets in the Community for a 6 six week one-to-one Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) programme. 

Leo, Aged 7, with his HugglePets Fish and Tank (One to One AAT) 

Leo, who loves animals and in particular fish, attended his sessions each week, here is what his mom and therapist said about his progress: 

Since seeing Alicia (therapist) his moods/confidence have improved massively. He has learnt coping ways/techniques which with more practice and consistency he will use without thinking. 

Kim, Leo's Mom

Leo not only met with his therapist when attending his session but also met with our Animal Handler Dave, who took the time each week to talk to him about setting up a fish tank, which he would complete setting up at the end of the 6 week programme. Dave also helped him to chose items for his fish tank. 

Leo has been open to trying new things...and has been better able to manage his worries and anger.

Alicia, Therapist

Each week Leo, with his mom, would purchase an item for his fish tank, ready for his fish to go in at the end of the 6 week sessions.


I was happy to see Leo leave with his second fish...for his tank...so he can have a little bit of HugglePets at home with him. 

Alicia, Therapist