Animal Welfare and Handling Workshops

As part of our workshops for children and young people, we are keen to help them gain an understanding of how to take care of a variety of animals and aquatics and how to handle them safely. For young people who may be interested in a career with animals, we are keen to inspire and support the next generation in enhancing their knowledge.

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Educational Workshops  Duration Group Size Cost 
Animal Handling & Welfare   1hr 30mins

Max 20

Max 12 (SEN group)*

 £250.00 +VAT

Environmental (Climate Change) 


 1hr 30mins 

Max 20 

Max 12 (SEN group)*

£250.00 +VAT

*Smaller groups for SEN children is required for more interaction with Sensory Equipment and Animals. 

Community Aquarium & Sensory Activity Centre

We have the UK’s first Community Aquarium and Sensory Activity Centre, of which the Community Aquarium is available 7 days a week to members of the community for FREE. The 100 tanks, which contain a variety of fish and plants for exploration, includes low lighting and specified colours to induce calmness. This environment provides a place of sanctuary for those who require a quiet and calm atmosphere and will allow individuals to explore our wonderful aquatic fish, while also being able to navigate themselves around with ease.

Our Sensory Activity Centre is specially designed to provide a sensory experience to help those who have learning difficulties, developmental disabilities or sensory impairments learn to interact with the world around them, but in a safe environment that builds up
their confidence and their ability.

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Environmental Workshops - COMING SOON

As part of our workshops, we feature how animals and the environment have an impact on each other and how we play a part in protecting wildlife. These include:

  • How animals are affected by the environment (plastics in the ocean)

  • Facts about caring for the planet (recycling and climate change)

  • How each of us can save or conserve energy (riding your bike, walking)

Careers & Confidence Workshops - COMING SOON