Our Lady & St Kenelms School, based in Wolverhampton undertook the HugglePetsCIC Animal Assisted Intervention Programme to help improve the wellbeing of their pupils. Having chosen the 'Low Mood & Anxiety' six week programme for their pupils, they noticed a considerable difference in the moods, behaviours and overall wellbeing of the children within a couple of weeks of attending our sessions.

Meet Max 

Max was referred to our programme via the school as she was struggling with Low Mood and Anxiety, but was recommended to attend our Low Mood and Anxiety programme. Here is the feedback from both his Class Teacher and the HugglePetsCIC Therapist. 

Max has become more aware of those around him and has shown a 'softer' and caring side. He sometimes shows compassion for others when they are hurt, something he wouldn't have done previously. 

Class Teacher

I have enjoyed seeing the pets and I have learnt that when I am sad I can tell an adult.  

Max, aged 8

Feedback from the Therapist include:

Max absolutely loved meeting our animals (especially the rabbit). Max found it difficult to communicate his feelings to me at first, however with a little help from our SEN Activities Coordinator he managed to find ways to share his feelings using our emotions dice and particular aids that HugglePets provided. By the end of the 6 week programme Max was very talkative. Well done Max!  


Orla, with Mabel the Therapy Rabbit Thea, with Rhonda the Rat Brooke, with Gav the Guinea Pig
Katie, with Barbara the Bearded Dragon  Joseph, with Lillie the Leopard Geko  William, with Gav the Guinea Pig

Tiana, with Lillie the Leopard Geko

Sophie, with Jean, the HugglePets Therapist Mason, with Gav the Guinea Pig

Meet Eryn 

Eryn was referred to our programme via the school as she was struggling with anxiety and social interactions, and therefore was recommended to attend our Low Mood and Anxiety programme, to encourage personal development to make new friends. Here is the feedback from both her Class Teacher and the HugglePetsCIC Therapist. 

Eryn has shown confidence in group chats, and when handling situations with peers, she has used her coping strategies effectively. Eryn has also felt more comfortable in talking about her feelings.  

Class Teacher  

I have learnt that if you talk to someone it helps!  

Eryn, aged 10  

Feedback from the Therapist include: 

Eryn seemingly found these sessions of benefit. She would openly share her care and love for all of our animals and tried hard to access her feelings and share them within the group. She spoke with me on a 1:1 basis each week where she felt more comfortable in digging deeper into her worries.   


We are pleased to have been part of these positive changes with young people who are struggling with their mental health. 

If your school would like to book a 6 week Animal Assisted Intervention programme then please Click Here to enquire.