Christ Church Primary School, based in Walsall undertook the HugglePetsCIC Animal Assisted Intervention Programme to help improve the wellbeing of their pupils. Having chosen the 'Low Mood & Anxiety' six week programme for their pupils, they noticed a considerable difference in the moods, behaviours and overall wellbeing of the children within a couple of weeks of attending our sessions.

Meet Lillia-Rose  

Lilla-Rose was put forward to HugglePetsCIC via the school as she was struggling with Low Mood and Anxiety, and attended our Low Mood and Anxiety programme. Here is the feedback from both her Class Teacher and the HugglePetsCIC Therapist. 

Lillia-Rose is very animated about her visits and always returns to school excited and ready to talk. This has encouraged conversation with adults at home and school. 

Class Teacher

Feedback from the Therapist include: 

Lillia-Rose started the sessions very shy and reserved however by week 5 she was sitting at the front and interacting with me really confidently. She also was able to ask for help when she needed it.  


Heidi, with Barbara the Bearded Dragon  Olivia, with Gary the African Land Snail Maisie, with Barbara the Bearded Dragon

Lillia, with Twiggy the Stick Insect  Heidi, with Rex the Bunny  Lillia, with Lillie the Leopard Geko

Meet Olivia 

Olivia was referred to our programme via the school as she was struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, and therefore was recommended to attend our Low Mood and Anxiety programme, to explore coping strategies and understanding. Here is the feedback from both her Class Teacher and the HugglePetsCIC Therapist. 

Olivia has been really open and honest in group discussions, activities and on a one to one basis with me, explaining how she feels at times. It was lovely to see Olivia build up her confidence to share her feelings, hold the animals and feel part of the group. 


Feedback from the School include: 

Olivia loves animals and has really enjoyed the programme. Mom has been really positive about the programme and wants to continue with further support for Olivia.   

Class Teacher

We are pleased to have been part of these positive changes with young people who are struggling with their mental health. 

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