Rachael, age 14, was struggling with anxiety and worries all the time. Rachael had previously attended a group programme with HugglePetsCIC and asked for a one to one Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) programme to support her emotional wellbeing

Here is the feedback from Rachael after attending her group programme and one to one programme with our therapy team. 

My experience of school life before HugglePets 

Before huggle pets I had a very tough time trying to communicate because I didn’t know how to show emotions properly and I couldn’t understand why. I felt left out and very isolated due to negative experiences, I was a very vulnerable teenager. I was going through things that I didn’t know how to cope with. The teachers where helping the best they could but it was too challenging. After the SEN (Special Educational Needs) department heard all the things, I'm struggling with they introduced me to HugglePets. this was a massive turning point in my home and school life. 


My experience of HugglePets 

They do not force you to speak or do anything outside your comfort zone. It made me feel like a normal human being and made me feel like I was noticed but not because of my trauma or the thing I was dealing with but because I was me and they respected me for me and listened to everything I had to say, they also made me feel brave enough to speak clearly and proudly without being judged. It also brought out the real confident me and nobody was ashamed to speak to me. I enjoyed it so much!

 At the end of HugglePets 

I was sad that they left so early I got too attached and I enjoyed their company. I realized that I had changed, and I was able to control my emotions more than I could and it made me open my eyes to the positive things in the world   Hope you enjoyed my journey through  HugglePets

From a year 9 student.