What Sessions/Workshops can I sponsor? 

Animal Assisted Therapy Session Educational Workshop  Tea with a Twist Workshop
How much is it to sponsor?   £266.00 £205.00 £178.00

Sponsor an Animal Assisted Therapy Session for Adults/Children and Young People in: 

  1. Bereavement
  2. Suicide Prevention 
  3. Anxiety/Depression 
  4. Managing Stress
  5. Trauma 
  6. Self-Care
  7. Relationship Breakdown 
  8. Other 

Sponsor an Educational Workshop for a School/Group 

  1. Animal Handling and Welfare (Includes Community Aquarium) 
  2. Sensory Activity Centre and Animal Experience 

Sponsor a Tea with a Twist Workshop (Includes Community Aquarium) 

How will my sponsorship support the community? 

An example of how our activities support those in the community is illustrated via a short video, please take the time to watch our Expert by Experience video to understand the impact animals have on a humans mental health and wellbeing. 

Email Hannah at [email protected] to see how you can sponsor a session or workshop.