What is an Animal Assisted Wellbeing Workshop? 

Animal Assisted Wellbeing Workshops are wellbeing sessions with animals, delivered by the Wellbeing Team (Therapist, SEND Wellbeing Lead and Animal Handler) who specialise in working with Children and Young People. These sessions are based in the Sensory Activity Centre and Community Aquarium at the HugglePets Centre.  

Who are the sessions aimed at?  

The sessions are targeted at children and young people struggling with their mental wellbeing, in particular Anxiety, Lack of Confidence and Resilience and those in need of Self Care. They are available for both Primary and Secondary age young people. 

The Wellbeing Workshops are for up to 10 pupils and include the following:

  • Develop an understanding, anxiety, confidence, resilience and self care methods.
  • Improve self-awareness.
  • Gain a better understanding of own feelings. 
  • Recognise the beneļ¬ts of safe, structured human-animal interactions.
  • Develop a better understanding of individual triggers for anxiety.
  • To identify strategies of self care/relaxation.
  • Learn how to talk about personal issues with a trusted adult.
  • Improve personal self-empowerment

Activities in the programme include: 

  • Quizzes and Game Shows 
  • Bushtucker Trials
  • Team Work
  • Self Care Techniques 
  • Animal Handling
  • Feeding Animals 
  • Tricks with Murphy the Therapy Dog 
  • Visit to our Experience Rooms 
  • Refreshments and Snacks 

Wellbeing Workshops can be in a 'Mini Version' of 1.5hrs either for Anxiety and Self Care or Confidence Building and Self Care! 

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What outcome measures do you use? 

      We use a series of questions to identify the feelings and understanding of the child/young person, this questionnaire reviews the emotional areas of a child's wellbeing. 

      What is the cost of the Wellbeing Workshop? 

      • A Half-day workshop cost is £450+VAT 
      • Mini Wellbeing Workshops cost £275.00+VAT.

      Please contact us to enquire about our programmes here: contact-us

      How long are the Wellbeing Workshops per week? 

      • A Half-day workshop are 3hrs 
      • Mini Wellbeing Workshops are 1.5hrs