The Warstones Primary School, based in Wolverhampton undertook the HugglePetsCIC Animal Assisted Wellbeing Workshop to help improve the wellbeing of their pupils. Eight of their pupils attended the half day workshop to help improve their confidence and resilience.

Feedback from the Wellbeing Team include:

The group of children really enjoyed the activities to build their confidence, especially helping Murphy the Therapy Dog to reach his goals, this example illustrated to the children how they could use small goals to get to the overall main goal. They loved working in teams, meeting the animals and going head the head in the Game Show at the end, where they could review coping strategies and useful helplines to support them when they are feeling overwhelmed.    SEND Wellbeing Lead 

Feedback from the School Team include: 

Thank you for a great workshop, the children really enjoyed the activities and meeting the animals, even the more quieter ones came out of their shell.  


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