The City of Wolverhampton Council's Plan 2019-2024 sets out how they will work with their communities to deliver improved outcomes for the people of the city, over the next five years. The council is now beginning the next phase of its journey, building upon years of internal transformation.

The result of this is that their plan is by working together they will achieve the six strategic outcomes that have been decided by the city needs:

  • Children and young people get the best possible start in life
  • Well skilled people working in an inclusive economy
  • More good jobs and investment in our city
  • Better homes for all
  • Strong, resilient and healthy communities
  • A vibrant, green city we can all be proud of

Sponsoring HugglePets in the Community 

The City of Wolverhampton supported the HugglePets in the Community crowdfunding campaign to support the build of the Community Aquarium and Sensory Activity Centre by donating an amazing £7,569.00