HeadStart looks at how young people’s mental wellbeing is affected by their experiences at school, their ability to access the community services they need, their home life and relationship with family members, and their interaction with digital technology.

Working in schools, and with families, charities, community and public services, the HeadStart partnerships are designing, testing and implementing different approaches to:

  • build young people’s emotional resilience
  • respond to the early signs of common mental health problems
  • provide additional joined-up support when and where it is needed.

By raising awareness of young people’s mental wellbeing, the HeadStart partnerships also support adults to know how to spot the early signs of problems, know what they can do to provide support, and where to go to get more specialised help.

Sponsoring HugglePets in the Community 

HeadStart supported the HugglePets in the Community crowdfunding campaign to support the build of the Community Aquarium and Sensory Activity Centre by donating an amazing £9,950.00