Green Park School, based in Wolverhampton are a special educational needs school, who have seen positive changes in the emotional and social interaction of the children in their care since attending the Animal Assisted Intervention Programme. Pupils undertook the 'Anxiety and Low Mood' six week programme. Teachers noticed a considerable difference in the mood of the children, the development of their social skills in the community within a couple of weeks of attending our sessions, with some children now recognising and processing emotions.

Sukhpreet, with Millie the Rabbit  Rania, petting Mabel the Rabbit Alysa, with Gary the Snail
Kyla, feeding Barbara the Bearded Dragon Sophie, with Millie the Rabbit  Samirah, with Barbara the Bearded Dragon

Feedback from Teachers: 

We have really seen Alysa's communication skills blossom over the programme, she has been independent in responding to questions and communicating her choices. 'I AM HAPPY!' 

Katrina Evans - Class Teacher  

Rania was a little anxious at first but gradually over the programme, she has become more confident and is now stroking the rabbit and bearded dragon.   

Katrina Evans- Class Teacher

Alysa, 15 years old Kyla, 14 years old  Sukhpreet, 16 years old

This programme has had a massive impact on Sukhpreet's communication and engagement. He is focused and independently accessed the animals. He communicated his preference of the bearded dragon and communicated that the sessions made him happy.   

Katrina Evans- Class Teacher

I have enjoyed feeding the animals, stroking the rabbit and fussing Millie. Student at Green Park School

Building a home for Pinky, the Tortoise Kyla and Alysa colouring in their animal worksheets with Millie the Rabbit Building a home for Pinky, the Tortoise

We are pleased to have been part of these positive changes within young people who are struggling with their mental health. 

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