Joseph Leckie Academy, based in Walsall undertook the HugglePetsCIC Animal Assisted Intervention Programme to help improve the wellbeing of their pupils following the pandemic and closure of schools. Having chosen the 'Anxiety and Low Mood' six week programme for their pupils, they noticed a considerable difference in the moods, behaviours and overall wellbeing of the children within a couple of weeks of attending our sessions.

Feedback from Teachers include: 

Angel looked forward to the sessions, she struggles attending school but she would not miss a HugglePets session! It has been nice to see her open up to other adults and speak about herself. Angel will rarely speak up in larger groups, however she put a lot of effort into every task. She opened up a lot about her thoughts via sketches/drawing. It has helped lift her up for the rest of the day

Class Teacher 

Ava is a shy student...and spends most of her time worrying however she was able to communicate this with most of the group, along with ways to cope with it. 

Class Teacher 

Rosedeep attended every session and had a go at every was wonderful to watch her interact with different people and other students. She loves talking, especially about her sister. 

Class Teacher

Angel, with Barbara the Bearded Dragon Mariam, with Luna the Therapy Dog  Rosedeep, with Luna the Therapy Dog 

Feedback from Therapist include: 

Angel was always the first student to be ready and waiting for the sessions to start. Angel took much care and thought in what she wrote has not had as many emotional experiences in the last few weeks, she has told me she has enjoyed the sessions. 

We are pleased to have been part of these positive changes within young people who are struggling with their mental health. 

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