Ormiston New Academy, based in Wolverhampton have seen some fantastic changes in the children who undertook the HugglePetsCIC Animal Assisted Intervention Programmes. Having chosen the 'Anxiety and Low Mood' six week programme for their pupils, they noticed a considerable difference in the mood of the children within a couple of weeks of attending our sessions, with some children now attending form and classes, where they were too anxious to before.

Feedback from Pupils include: 

These sessions have helped me to be calm, peaceful and happy! - Natasha, 15 years old 

I have learned to be calm and control my anger issues - Harrison, 15years old

Harry, with Millie the Therapy Rabbit  Natasha, with Barbara the Bearded Dragon Harrison, with Millie the Therapy Rabbit 

Feedback from Teachers include: 

Harry is happier in school, he's calmer and his anxiety levels are much lower. He has loved interacting with staff and participation in the activities. He loves Tuesday's with HugglePetsCIC!

Mandy Sarai - Hub Manager 

Oliver* since starting the programme has been happier...he is calmer and more focused in class. He listens more, respectful and understanding the need for consequences...he is showing signs of maturity, emotions and thoughtfulness. 

Miss K - Teaching Assistant 

Harry, 14 years old Harrison, 15 years old  Natasha, 15 years old

We are pleased to have been part of these positive changes within young people who are struggling with their mental health. 

If your school would like to book a 6 week Animal Assisted Intervention programme then please Click Here to enquire.

*Names have been changed to apply with GDPR.