Yew Tree Primary School, based in Sandwell undertook the HugglePetsCIC Animal Assisted Intervention Programme to help improve the wellbeing of their pupils following the pandemic and closure of schools. Having chosen the 'Anxiety and Low Mood' six week programme for their pupils, they noticed a considerable difference in the moods, behaviours and overall wellbeing of the children within a couple of weeks of attending our sessions.

Feedback from Teachers include: 

Jorge (aged 5) is alot calmer and better at waiting for rewards - unlike before when he would scream that he wanted something straight away. Jorge has found some coping skills that he uses at school! - Class Teacher

Daniyal (aged 7) has managed to help ease his anxiety better and enjoys getting small group time to socialise with others as this helps with his social skills and anxiety talking to others. - Class Teacher

Kristian, with Shelley the Tortoise  Jorge and Freddie, with Luna the Therapy Dog Daniyal, with Shelley the Tortoise 
Thea Rose, with Shelley the Tortoise  Ellena, with Barbara the Bearded Dragon Jorge, with Barbara the Bearded Dragon


Kristian (aged 11) always looked forward to the HugglePets sessions, he also made new friends with the group - Class Teacher

Barbara the Bearded Dragon showcasing her skills during a self-esteem activity with the Children. 

Feedback from Therapist include: 

Jorge has progressed a little each session...I have found that when he engages with the animals, this is when he is calmest. 

Freddie (aged 7) began to express more in his booklet and with me about things that upset him or what he doesn't like. Whilst sometimes distracted, he was able to respect the group and animals when asked.  

We are pleased to have been part of these positive changes within young people who are struggling with their mental health. 

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